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Ponds add interest and a touch of natural luxury to properties. A properly dug pond ensures that the water feature will be beautiful for years to come. Hutchens Bulldozing, Inc. knows what it takes to dig a pond. With the necessary equipment and a commitment to doing it right the first time, ponds dug by Hutchens Bulldozing will stand the test of time and add value and interest to your property long into the future.

Site Preparations

Preparing to build on a new property involves a lot of decision making. Let site preparation be the easiest decision you make. Hutchens Bulldozing, Inc. will clear the lot of trees and boulders, grade the property and get it ready for you to start building.  

Surface Drainage

Surface drainage helps reduce water build-up on a property by ensuring that excess water flows into the surface drainage areas and away from foundations and retaining walls. With years of experience digging drainage ditches for all types of properties, Hutchens Bulldozing, Inc. has all the tools and knowledge to ensure that your property drains properly.


When done correctly, basements add extra storage and living space to a property. When done incorrectly, basements add years of potential water damage and headaches to property owners’ lives. With Hutchens Bulldozing, Inc., you can trust that your basement will be done right and exactly the way you want it the first time.

Other Services

Hutchens Bulldozing, Inc. also offers a variety of other services like: 

  • Clearing
  • Seeding & Strawing
  • Gravel/Sand
  • Fill Dirt/Black Dirt
  • Demolition
  • White Rock
  • Sewer Rock
  • Trucking

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